The Adapted Assistance AdCoS

The AdCoS presented by Centro Ricerche Fiat and RE:Lab is named Adaptive Assistance and it focuses on the Lane-Change Assistant (LCA) application. In particular, LCA supports the driver in the lane-change and overtaking scenarios, as well as in the longitudinal driving task (forward collision warning). The core of the system is the co-pilot tool, which is an intelligent driver model, able to understand and predict the external situation, in order to assist the human driver as a trip-mate. This artificial agent can adapt its level of support based on driver's status (e.g., recognizing if the driver is distracted or not) and on driver's intentions (e.g., predicting if the driver aims at changing lane to overtake a slower vehicle ahead). In addition, the co-pilot can cooperate with human agent by means of a dedicated HMI, where the previous human factors are taken into consideration using a distributed modality to provide the appropriate information and support to the humans.

Figure 1. The Adapted Assistance AdCoS in a simulation environment

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