CP-SETIS Project (Towards Cyber-Physical Systems engineering tools interoperability standardization)

CPS require multiple engineering competences across various engineering disciplines. The development of such systems is a huge challenge, also because of the heterogeneity of engineering tools involved in development platforms across the development lifecycle. In order to overcome this challenge, past and ongoing EU research projects have developed the basis for an International Open Standard for Development Tool Interoperability, the so called Interoperability Specification (IOS).

The main goal of CP-SETIS is to conceive and set up a sustainable organisational structure as a platform joining all stakeholders, to coordinate all IOS-related activities, especially the formal standardisation and further extensions of the IOS. CP-SETIS will ensure the support of all stakeholders for this structure, its operational rules, its implementation within existing structures and, most importantly, their commitment to coordinate all IOS-related activities within this structure.

The main goals of CP-SETIs project will be:

  • The alignment of all IOS-related forces within Europe to support a common IOS Standardisation Strategy, aiming at a formal standardisation process of the IOS.

  • The definition and implementation of sustainable IOS Standardisation Activities supporting both, formal standardisation of ‘stable’ IOS versions as well as extensions of IOS, if possible within existing structures that survive the lifespan of single projects.

The objectives of this project are:

  • To build-up a consensus across key stakeholders (i.e., end-users organisations, tool providers, research organisations) and projects on a common IOS Standardisation Strategy.

  • To define a concrete model for sustainable IOS Standardisation Activities

  • To support implementation of sustainable IOS Standardisation Activities within sustainable structures, that have a far longer lifespan than a single project

  • To get commitment from key stakeholders for supporting common IOS Standardisation Strategy and its implementation

  • To generalise findings of IOS Standardisation Activities to update the ARTEMIS/PROSE Strategic Agenda for Standardisation, and to support further Standardisation Activities within ARTEMIS/ECSEL