D.01.07. HF-RTP Vs2.0 incl. Methodology and Requirements Analysis Update

This document describes the final achievements of the HoliDes consortium to
develop a Human Factors Reference Technology Platform (HF-RTP). The HF-RTP
consists of a set of processes, methods, techniques and software tools (from now
on MTTs), which can be used for the development of Adaptive Cooperative
Human-Machine Systems (AdCoS) according to domain specific regulations and
Regarding processes, HoliDes focuses on the integration of human factors into
the engineering processes of four application domains (Health, Aeronautics,
Control Rooms and Automotive).
The terms method and technique refer to specific development and analysis
methods and techniques, like for example model-based or contract-based design
of hardware and software. There are dozens of traditional engineering techniques
which are worth to be considered, but HoliDes specifically cares about the
integration of human factors methods and techniques (e.g. task analysis / task
modelling, usability studies, workload impact analysis) into traditional system
design processes. To this end, HoliDes provides the Human Factors method
library which collects and structures different methods and techniques that can be
applied to evaluate HF issues within the engineering life-cycle.
The general purpose of software tools is to support an engineer in his
development and analysis tasks. Especially in the human factors domain a lot of
techniques are not strictly formalized and not supported by specific tools. Results
are often stored in descriptive paper form or excel sheets. One of the major goals
of the HF-RTP developed in HoliDes is to close the gap between 1) the
engineering disciplines which are to a large extent supported by tools and
computer aided techniques and 2) the human factors discipline.
HoliDes provides the HF-RTP infrastructure and interoperability standard (HFRTP
IOS) that allows the different elements of the HF-RTP, i.e. methods,
techniques and tools (MTTs) to interoperate, collaborate and communicate with
each other with a special focus on Human Factor related data. To do so, it
specifies the mechanisms of data linkage and data exchange based on the
interaction concepts defined in the HF Common Meta Model (HF-CMM) and HF
Finally, HoliDes has developed the Platform Builder, which is a web application
that represents the front end of the HF-RTP, i.e. what becomes visible for the
user. It is aimed at supporting the user to solve a concrete HF issue through an
RTP instantiation. Based on an HF problem description, the Platform Builder aims
to set up an instantiation of the HF-RTP for a specific domain project. In doing so,
the user is guided by certain selection criteria that have to be answered to find the appropriate methods, techniques or tools (MTTs) for the user’s individual

Dissemination Level: 
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the JU)