D.02.05. Modelling Techniques and Tools Vs1.5 incl. Handbooks and Requirements Analysis Update

Objective of WP2 is to develop modelling languages that support the modelling of adaptive and cooperative Systems (AdCoS), as well as editors for the specification of these models.

The development of the modelling languages has been started:

  • HMI Interaction, Training, and Resource Modelling languages have been formalized and improved
  • Initial version of task model discussed and further task models have been collected, integration into common task model ongoing
  • Classifications of Human Operator Models started
  • Formalizations of the MDP/MDPN and the DBN languages have been continued as behavioural operator models
  • Work on cooperation model has been started

In addition to that, several tools have been developed and are available to the partners for applying them in the development of their AdCoS. The new tools described in this deliverable are Djnn, Pilot Pattern Classifier and Driver Distraction classifier.

A new section about Integration has been included in this deliverable. This section is the result of applying the methodology described in D1.5. The first steps of this methodology have been applied to each one of the MTTs assigned to the WP2 and related to modelling.

There is a clear progress in the requirements visible, in the initial requirements analysis, with their indicated evolution and their assignation to MTT for the different domains.

Dissemination Level: 
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the JU)