D.05.03. Techniques and Tools for Empirical Analysis Vs1.0 incl. Handbooks and Requirements Analysis Update

This deliverable reports the progress of the HoliDes consortium to develop methods, techniques and tools (MTTs) for the Human Factors-Reference Technology Platform (HF-RTP), version 1.0. For work package 5 (WP5), it concludes project cycle I. During this cycle, as a first step we received the requirements from the application work packages WP6-9. After an analysis of these requirements (cf. D5.1), we selected those metrics and methods to be developed in WP5, which could best meet the AdCoS owners’ needs. Having documented those MTTs as HF-RTP 0.5 in D5.2, the first instantiations of these techniques and tools were made. The result of this work is described in this document.

Dissemination Level: 
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the JU)