D.06.02. Tailored HF-RTP and Methodology Vs0.5 for the Health Domain

Within the Holides project a number of tools and services is available or will be developed. The integration of these tools leads to the Reference Technology Platform (RTP). In this context the tools and services are also referred to as RTP-components. The RTP-components become useful when they are tailored into an RTP instance. Tailoring here means the selection of tools and services that match the needs of a specific application use case.

In this document a first step is made towards a tailored RTP. Given the fact that there are multiple AdCos’s, likely multiple instances of RTP’s will be required. The listing of tools, as described in D1.3 is taken as a basis and for each healthcare use case the tools are identified that may be used as part of a tool chain for that specific use case.

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