D.08.03. Requirements & Specification & first Modelling for the Control Room AdCoS and HF-RTP Requirements Definition Update (Feedback)

This document describes the requirements for the AdCoS applications in the Control Room domain along with specification including use cases referred to both the Border Surveillance Control Room and the Energy Network Surveillance Control Room. It includes the results of a first attempt to model the AdCoS using the HF-RTP and methodology utilising either pre-existing and new tools to be developed in the frame of the HoliDes project. In addition, feedback from WP1-5 is reported. Section 2 contains a list of the tools which are more likely to be applied from WP2 in the AdCoS developed within the framework of WP8. Section 3 describes each AdCoS use cases including AdCoS operational definitions, HMI for the AdCoS, tools applied from the HF-RTP, requirements and specifications, and the system architecture. Section 4 reports feedbacks from WP 1-5. Section 5 concludes.

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