D.08.05. Modelled and Model-based Analysis of the Control Room AdCoS and HF-RTP Requirements Definition Update(Feedback)

The objective of this document is to provide a common template that will be used by all four AdCoS deliverables D6.5 Health, D7.5 Aeronautics, D8.5 Control Rooms and D9.5 Automotive.

This common template will provide each deliverable with a very similar definition for each AdCoS. Each AdCoS will have a Description, followed by an Operational Overview of the ‘real world’, it then defines the three common elements of the AdCoS environment, the Controlled Entity, Operators of the AdCoS and the External Environment of the AdCoS. The Use Case models are then defined with their interaction with the Modelling Techniques employed, then an initial definition of the WP 8 Demonstration (D8.7) and finally the Models that have produced for each Control Room AdCoS.

Dissemination Level: 
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the JU)