D.08.10. Final Version of the Control Room AdCoS

The present document describes the final version of the Control Room AdCoS and provides a final assessment of the HF-RTP, methodology and used MTTs against the Project Baseline. Recommendations are given for future development and usage of the HF-RTP and methodology.
Based on the results of the evaluation activities (summarised in this doc-ument), both control room AdCoS have been completed to a level of detail that facilitates further dissemination and exploitation. The Airbus AdCoS will be replicated in a customer demonstration lab for presentation to potential customers; the Iren AdCoS will be put to productive operation in the months following the end of the project.
The benefits of choosing the HoliDes approach of designing and develop-ing AdCoS with an HF-RTP based on project MTT could be clearly demonstrated. In addition, using an AdCoS-type adaptation also benefits the organisations using the technology through increased effectiveness and efficiency of the control room operation.

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