D.09.05. Modelled and Model-based Analysis of the Automotive AdCoS and HF-RTP Requirements Definition Update (Feedback)

Deliverable D9.5 describes the progress and provides feedback concerning the modelling and model-based analysis of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems (AdCoS) using the methods, techniques, and (software) tools (MTTs), provided by the Human Factors Reference Technology Platform (HF-RTP) developed in HoliDes. It follows the deliverable D9.4 , in which the tailoring of available MTTs to the automotive domain and use-cases has been described. D9.5 consists of a public and a confidential part. The public part describes the overall modelling efforts and contains the general conclusions about the use of MTTs for AdCoS modelling. The confidential part provides specific feedback concerning the different MTTs that have been used for AdCoS modelling in the automotive domain so far and provides further details and information related to how the AdCoS and HF-RTP will be implemented in the project. The deliverable is furthermore supplemented with a common annex, providing a crossdomain introduction and conclusion to AdCoS modelling.

Dissemination Level: 
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the JU)