D.10.02. Webpage Final Version

This document is about the explanation of the different sections and contents of the HoliDes website. The web portal, www.holides.eu, is one of the main contributions to dissemination activities for the HoliDes project.
Considering the importance of the international partners involved in the project and of its users, the web application has been designed and built taking into consideration the specific project and its diverse areas of activity, balancing the functionality on the needs and expectations of users. It is an effective communication tool.
The strength of the website interface is its usability. The site is easy to use by the user thanks to an intuitive graphic which is easy to understand. The so-called information architecture has been developed according to user in order to facilitate accessibility to all site content. From the point of view of interaction, procedures have been standardized so that similar actions correspond to similar results regardless of the contexts.
The web application is related to the project visual identity for every interface. It is dynamic application in terms of usability and technological performance.
As an initial contact point for both the general public and selected project stakeholders, the portal will present an overview of the work being carried out by HoliDes, including real-world benefits that can be expected from the project.
Due to the fact that a detailed analysis of the web site was provided in previous deliverable D10.1, in the current one an explanation of the main updates will be provided.

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