The Diversion Assistant AdCoS (DivA)

The Diversion Assistant AdCoS (DivA) is the Honeywell demonstrator for the HoliDes project in the Aeronautics domain. DivA is a system that monitors and integrates different sources of information that are needed for the diversion operations. Using an intuitive HMI, DivA provides the pilot with an overview of the current situation which is relevant to land at airports within reach and to perform the correct maneuvering. In case the situation requires the diversion from the planned route, DivA adaptively shows a prioritized list of available airports. The DivA AdCoS has been realized exploiting a set of MTTs realized with the collaboration of the other project partners within the HoliDes project, such as the Experiment Data Archive and the Missed Event Detector (MED). For example, the MED tool analyzes the video recording of pilot’s face and gaze to detect the area where pilot is looking and to understand if he is missing some messages provided by the HMI: by this way, the adaptation of the system can be triggered, allowing the system to mitigate potentially risky situations when the pilot could miss an important information.

Figure 1. Diversion assistant provides guidance for selecting an alternate airport based on analysis of up-to-date information

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