The HoliDes Platform Builder

One of the main assets of the Holides Project is the Platform Builder, an online webapp that will allow users to deal with HF issues during all the design and development phases of an Adaptive Cooperative System. The tailoring process of an Adaptive Cooperative System faces a lot of complex Human Factors issues, and the achievement of its goals and objectives is strongly linked with the engagement of mechanisms and methodologies proven to solve this Human Factors issues.

In the scope of a development of a business process, the user will have the chance to instantiate its own Human Factors Reference Technology Platform, a set of methods, tools and techniques aimed to helping to solve the Human Factors issues described in the selected domains with its own constraints.

The Platform Builder provides a friendly-user environment where, even if you’re not an expert in Human Factors, can easily model the casuistic of your Adaptive Cooperative System design and development phases, including the main phases of the tailoring process.

Figure 1. Web interface of the HoliDes Platform Builder

During the HoliDes final event in Friedrichshafen, you will see how to use the Platform Builder application to find the most suitable MTTs (methods, techniques and tools) according to specific design needs and how to create an instance of the HF-RTP (Human Factors Reference Technology Platform). For more information, see the Platform Builder videos on the HoliDes web site (

Figure 2. Platform Builder in action: MTTs mapped onto the V model

Figure 3. Platform Builder in action: creation of an HF-RTP instance according to the specification of the design needs

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