The OSLC Human Factors User Group

The Human Factors User Group ( has been created by the HoliDes project partners to the aim of discussing within the OSLC (Open Service for Lifecycle Collaboration) community the integration of lifecycle human factors tools in the system development process. The Human Factors User Group main goal is indeed to explore and to understand the integration scenarios that would improve traceability between human factors related work and traditional engineering data. Improved traceability will improve the human factor certification process and ultimately lead to products and services which are safer and more efficient from a human point of view. The Human Factors User Group is open to anybody willing to add valuable input for developing human factors scenarios. The participation of people beyond the Holides project is strongly desired. Feel free to visit the group wiki at to and contribute with what you think the human factors integration scenarios should be. For more information, read also HoliDes newsletter vol. 3 (