Workshop about ProSIVIC and RTMaps

From Oct. 15th to Oct 17th 2014, more than 20 engineers and researchers from the HOLIDES consortium (CRF, TWT, ATOS, OFFIS, IBEO, HONEYWELL, etc.) attended a workshop in Paris at La Cité Internationale dedicated on two software tools, ProSIVIC and RTMaps, respectively provided by CIVITEC and INTEMPORA. These tools will used for the developments, tests and software integration of various AdCoS in the frame of the project. The first day was dedicated to the ProSIVIC tool, a simulator for multi-sensor and multi-frequency environments, while the second and third days focused on RTMaps, a modular software integration for real-time multimodal applications.
The workshop was also a place where partners could exchange in a friendly atmosphere on their projects and share their perspectives to plan the AdCos developments efficiently.
CIVITEC and INTEMPORA warmly thank the attendees for their time and dedicated efforts to follow this workshop.