Brief description of TAKATA

TAKATA is one of the leading developers and producers of steering wheels, airbags, seatbelts, child restraint systems as well as electronics and sensorics. Production, engineering and test facilities are located in Asia, Europe as well as in North and South America. The European headquarters of the TAKATA Group are located in Aschaffenburg. With its R&D Center in Berlin, TAKATA possesses one of the most advanced development facilities for total safety systems including vehicle crash and sled tests as well as sophisticated occupant simulations in Europe.

Main activities of TAKATA in HoliDes

In HoliDes TAKATA is responsible for modelling (T9.3), implementing (T9.4) and evaluating (T9.5) an adaptive human-machine-interface (HMI) in the automotive domain that supports the driver in understanding the underlying Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine System (AdCoS). As a prerequisite human factors regulations will be reviewed (T1.3), requirements will be defined (T1.1) and applied to the TAKATA use case (T9.2).

How the research in HoliDes will contribute to TAKATAs expertise/business domain

The results of HoliDes will be used by TAKATA to adjust the development methodology of future driver assistance systems for which adaptive and cooperative mechanisms will be an essential feature that help to further improve traffic safety. The results of HoliDes will contribute to an efficiency-increase in product development and especially in the required product testing.