Offis E.V.


The Institute for Information Technology OFFIS ( was founded in 1991 as a not-for-profit organization by the State of Lower Saxony, the University of Oldenburg, as well as professors of the departments of computer science and related faculties. OFFIS is dedicated to technology transfer, and is organized in three R&D Division, focusing on IT in Transportation, Health and Energy, and has total turnover of more than 10 Million €.

For HoliDes the R&D Division on Transportation will participate the project, which has a staff of about 50 full time scientists. The R&D Division on Transportation focuses its research on methods, tools, and technologies for the development and construction of IT-based dependable, cooperative, and assistive systems in transportation. The addressed design space ranges from systems-of-systems, to function architecture design and deployment architectures, to Human-Centred Design. In particular the division focus on formal task analysis, human modelling, human simulation and model checking as cross-cutting, overarching strategic topics.

OFFIS is the project coordinator (Dr. Andreas Lüdtke) and also performs the administrative and financial management of the project (Dr. Sebastian Feuerstack). In the project OFFIS coordinates all modelling techniques and tools activities and contributes to the definition of the HF-RTP and methodology. The OFFIS modelling tools and techniques: The (1) Cognitive Architecture for Safety Critical Task Simulation (CASCaS) framework for modelling and simulation of human behavior, the (2) Procedure Editor PED for rapid prototyping of cognitive task models based on Hierarchical Task Analysis, the (3) Human Efficiency Evaluator to ease the operator performance and workload prediction, and (4) a tool for the real-time assessment and prediction of human operator behavior will be further enhanced in the project and applied and evaluated in the Health, Aeronautics, Control Rooms and Automotive domains together with the partners.

OFFIS uses its technological background from EU projects like ISAAC, HUMAN, ISi-PADAS, D3CoS to develop and enhance methods, techniques and tools for cognitive models and human-centred design methodologies so that they are applicable in Industrial practice according to the requirements defined in the Health, Aeronautics, Control Rooms and Automotive domains within HoliDes. OFFIS will contribute to the HoliDes goal to drive the development of adaptive Embedded Systems towards a standardized HF-RTP and methodology.

OFFIS participates within EICOSE (the ARTEMIS Innovation Cluster) where Dr. Lüdtke is the leader of Working Group 3 “Human Assistance System Interaction”.