Honeywell International Sro

Czech Republic

Honeywell is a global company known for the research, development and production of the state-of-the-art products for aerospace, transportations systems, automation and control solutions and specialty materials. Its engineers and scientists in the Czech Republic entity work on strategic projects covering a broad spectrum of Honeywell aerospace portfolio technologies for manned and unmanned aircraft. Honeywell participated in the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking’s projects e.g. iFEST, RECOMP, SMARCOS, and D3COS.

Honeywell’s main role in HoliDes is to lead WP7 and implement the aeronautical AdCos in this WP. It also provides support for modelling the aeronautical AdCoS formulation of requirements for this use case. Additionally, Honeywell is involved in other WPs to support research.

HoliDes aims at adaptive systems that are modern topics and currently truly adaptive systems are not available in the cockpit. As Aeronautics systems are traditionally conservative, the improvement in Honeywell’s expertise will be in knowledge of behaviour, applicability, acceptability and development methods for adaptive systems; all that will help to introduce adaptation in the cockpits.

HoliDes addresses also development process. Honeywell has already identified places in its development processes where interoperability can improve the performance. This mainly considers set-up, execution and evaluation of experiments. The research in HoliDes can support the areas by various tool-chains.