Iren Emilia spa


Iren Emilia, as part of the Iren Group wich is one of the top Italian multi-utilities, coordinates the activities of local subsidiaries operating in the region of Emilia Romagna, dealing with a 5.600 Kms gas grid serving 71 municipalities. The company also operates on more than 11.400 Kms of water network and in waste collection and management in 112 municipalities. Iren Emilia has acquired the International Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA8000, and has recently joined important international technological platforms such as Artemis and Climate Kic.

Iren contributes to the HoliDes project by developing a use-case in the Control Room application domain (WP8), aiming at assessing how new Human Factors methods can be incorporated into the design of existing or newly developed systems. Iren Emilia is also involved in the process of Requirements definition for the development of the HF Methodology, HF Models, the Techniques for Adaptiveness, and the Model-Based Techniques from an industrial point of view.

Iren commitment into the HoliDes project is aimed at enhancing the safety levels of the operations in the Control Room domain. This outcome is achieved by sensibly increasing the overall confidence of the operators in using the incoming calls managing system thanks to its increased adaptativeness to human factors along with higher level of cooperation between its components. These results are also expected to reduce system design costs by about 15% compared to the levels of 2011.