Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa


Scienza Nuova is a research centre of the Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, one of the most historical and prestigious academic institution in the south of Italy, more precisely in Naples.

Involved in several national and EU research projects, the research centre is aimed at conceiving, designing and promoting human technologies by complementing the most advanced experiences of scientific and technological development with the learning methods derived from human sciences. The research centre motto is: humanities meet technologies.

Scienza Nuova includes six living labs and two inter-sectorial operative units which all contribute to its scope. Scienza Nuova living labs are listed below, namely:

  • SIMULA, focused on modelling and human factors simulation as well as ergonomic studies and info-view;
  • LUDOLAB, focused on the design of innovative toys and supports tracking back to the traditional toy cultural heritage;
  • INTRECCI, aimed at the creation of new media content and interactive tools;
  • HERITAGE 2.0, laboratory focused on the usage of advanced techniques in diagnostic, cataloguing and restoration of artistic and cultural heritage;
  • EXPLORA, aimed at the application of new qualitative and quantitative methods for the Social Research and studies on human behaviour;
  • BACONE, focused on digitalisation techniques and digital humanities.

The two inter-sectorial operative units are touching topics related to the research centre promotion, mostly international (unit is named UNISOB 2020). In addition the development of academic entrepreneurship initiatives (named Way-out) is lso supported.
The contributin of SNV to the Holides project concerns research and dissemination activities with a specific focus on cognitive processes and their relationship with the study and implementation of adaptive technologies.