TWT Gmbh Science & Innovation


TWT bridges Research and Industry. Innovations with added value are generated in projects where different disciplines are combined and coupled through intense intercommunication: Within TWT, specialists in many subjects work hand in hand. The results of their research and development work are digital products, innovative simulation methods and IT solutions, as well as optimized processes for customers in the automotive, aerospace, healthcare and energy industries. Furthermore, TWT is involved in numerous national and international research projects. Our research activities include initiation, management and coordination of consortia, as well as participation in research initiatives. TWT was founded in 1986 and currently employs roughly 250 employees at four sites in southern Germany: Stuttgart, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Ingolstadt.

Within the HoliDes project, TWT is involved in the design and development of multimodal models to assess driver awareness. The main contribution is the development of an audio-based cognitive model that is based on an equal footage on machine learning and empirical data modeling and acquisition through behavioral driving experiments. In addition, TWT contributes to the development of the Reference Technology Platform (RTP) that will simplify the whole engineering lifecycle for human-centered HMI design.

Our research in HoliDes contribute to improve our Organization's expertise/business domain, TWT leverages an audio-based scene analysis methodology for distraction estimation for real-world automotive and aerospace safety applications. Furthermore, optimized workflows will allow faster development cycles of HMIs.

TWT is member of Artemis and participates in ITEA2 projects.